Startups in Luxembourg

At the heart of every company lies a complex interconnection of systems and processes, marketing and financial strategy orchestrated by the most important actors of a business, our talents.

But, when we can’t retain our talents, innovation stops, finances struggle and the whole business starts to collapse.

A few days ago, I was honoured to launch the first SpinTalks event at Foundry, Luxembourg. SpinTalks is a set of short conferences directed to startups, offering practical advice and insights on how to build, grow and scale their project or business. They were first organised by Spin, a Brazilian startup accelerator now expanding to Europe.

As an Organiser with Claudio Scheuer, Head of International Operations, and Keynote speaker, my mission is to help companies and more especially young startups to follow the right steps in order to scale rapidly in the market.

Leadership and Employee Development are two very powerful topic I have extensively studied in Ireland for the last 3 years through the Henley MBA.

Over the next couple of weeks, I intend to deliver 5 tips for companies to grow exponentially while sustainably retaining their employees.

These tips will be available in short clips that were recorded during the talk. The videos will be available on LinkedIn and on my blog

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I look forward to bringing the Leadership & Employee Development topic to Luxembourg!

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