Employee retention problem? Leaders can make a difference…

In good and challenging times, company leaders are always the ones who need to give the purpose and the direction. My MBA Thesis from Henley Business School offered some recommendations based on academic and field studies, on how leaders can increase employee retention and make a difference.

Is Employee development really a cost?

Leaders can reduce employee turnover through their roles in their organisations and the one of their leadership team. We have covered this before in two detailed articles around leadership and how to be bring purpose to your employees. But what else?

How can leaders reduce employee turnover?

Employee retention. Who has not discussed this topic before? What could be done? Can leaders have a better impact on the challenge? Or is it just the present context in the IT sector in Ireland, especially in Dublin, that generates this problem? After 12 years working for multinationals and Irish companies, both as a leader hiring talents and as an employee constantly approached by recruiters, I decided to try to understand what was going on.