In good and challenging times, company leaders are always the ones who need to give the purpose and the direction. My MBA Thesis from Henley Business School offered some recommendations based on academic and field studies, on how leaders can increase employee retention and make a difference.

The research has outlined qualities that a leader needs to be successful and an ideal leadership style, the strategic leadership

However, the balance between looking at a company’s interest from inside and outside is often difficult to reach. Executives’ agendas are always busy with urgencies and the capacity to step back in a world ever changing is becoming the number one priority to chase. 

Believing in a clear mission and making decisions with the awareness of their outcomes on people, company reputation, and financial results is a daunting task for leaders. In an era of social medias and a heavily connected society, mistakes can be seen quicker, communication is scrutinised, and any misstep is outlined ten times more than successes. 

It is recommended for leaders to start their mission by  building an executive or a management team composed of people sharing their  values and having the ability to work with each other. 

Researchers have made comprehensive work on the topic and Belbin team roles in an example of framework that could be used to make sure the nine key behaviours are represented as per below in the management teams (Belbin, 2010). Leaders surrounded by their peers will be able to build better working organisations and hire the right talents to work more efficiently. 

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The 9 Team Roles from Belbin as displayed on

Companies are often created with a project or an idea in mind that develops with a business overtime. When investments are raised, different shareholders have different ambitionsfrom an immediate return on investments to a more philanthropic vision. 

Hiring the right set of leaders and employees aligned with the founders’ values can take time, be difficult and costlier that quickly aggregating a set of competencies. However, overall, this is the only way to build a profitable and respected business where employees will stay and develop massively. 

It is recommended to all leaders to watch closely their company  vision, their  mission to the world and the  values of their stakeholders. 

By considering this, leaders will make sure to create or join a business where they feel respected, appreciated, and rewarded. Then, they will be able to build something sustainable with their teams based on the same principles. 

Are you using the Belbin model, would you like to understand it further? Let me know and I can help you further!