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For many years, businesses have been driven by people who always searched for ways to improve their efficiency and their success with their customers.

From the use of rustic tools to shape things in prehistory, to automated machinery more recently, people and then companies have become more efficient at creating products and value to their customers.

The 21st century isn’t any different of the previous ones and recent events like the Covid 19 pandemic are only accelerating current trends, the main one being digitalisation.

Digitalisation defines digital transformation for a business. It is the process of using digital tools to acquire, manage, automate and simplify manually done tasks to increase efficiency.

Many studies have been done on its main benefits over time. On average, digitalising a business brings a revenue increase of 25%, cost savings of 20%, productivity, easiness to achieve projects and happiness at work.

With Luxfactory, I make digitalisation easy for our customers so they can achieve maximum efficiency, bringing optimum performance and results with the least number of inputs.

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Businesses are stronger when they build their processes and operations on strong foundations. Today, we are sharing our vision on the 4 pillars of digitalisation for a business:

1.    Human capital leadership is all about hiring, managing, promoting and supporting people in all situations. Talents are the core and the face of a business. Their achievements bring ultimate success to companies. Digital solutions can help make them better, happier and more productive. Tools such as talent management platforms or employee surveys tools can facilitate this process. 

2.    Digital customer relationships for an easier way of acquiring new customers who have shifted their purchasing habits to online with the pandemic. Know their preferences, serve them in an even, more professional manner and make them loyal to your brand for the foreseeable future. CRMs are usually the key for success as they provide a 360° view of customer relationships.

3.    Analytical financial performance: numbers are made to help make the best decisions for businesses and must be available on-demand. Billing, invoicing, accounting reports, etc should be accessible instantly to help determine the best path to follow for your business. Finances should be more dynamic, adaptable, analytical and not static, to offer your business more flexibility in management. Invoicing, payroll, accounting tools are the core of this pillar with all-in-one solutions often proposed. 

4.    Sustainable asset management for companies’ infrastructure, security, remote access and environmental footprint. All access to a business must be monitored to make sure the team gets the safest and cleanest environment to operate a carbon-neutral business that does good to their community and the planet. Asset management solutions can be deployed here easily as well as user authentication platforms to make your infrastructure more secure. Antivirus, firewalls and GDPR basic rules should also become the basis for companies to operate safely.

The four pillars for companies’ digitalisation success

The Luxembourgish Government has understood the importance of having more digitalised companies to serve their customers by creating through Luxinnovation, its national innovation agency, a range of digitalisation programmes.  

With 16 years of expertise in consulting services, Luxfactory has teamed up with Luxinnovation to offer you the Fit4Digital and Fit4Digital Packages programmes.

Luxfactory is offering to Luxembourgish SMEs the opportunity to get a creative assessment of their processes and systems to measure their efficiency and resilience for growth.

The recommendations from the report allow companies to avail of financial support going:

  • Up to 20% on investments (hardware, software)
  • Up to 50% on consulting services.

Made by a certified consultant, the recommendations are impartially provided, tailored to your needs and will allow you to work with your current IT suppliers to get the best digital solutions in the market to continue to develop your business.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I will be delighted to help 😀